Obscura, a photogram I made in 1999 in the darkroom in the basement of The Glasgow School of Art Mackintosh Building, was one of the first 2D works I made which had a phenomenological effect, rather than narrative.

Thanks to the curator and art writer Nico Kos, this work has been bought by “The Ned” for the permanent collection called VAULT 100. Curated by the Head of Collections at Soho House, Kate Bryan; the collection features 93 female and 7 male British artists; the inverse male to female ratio of the FTSE 100. The Ned hotel is due to open next week, is in the heart of the city.

The VAULT 100 collection is in the old vault of the original Barclays Bank AKA The Ned.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 15.20.11.png

My work is hung among the work of some of the best female British artists living.



solo art exhibition and art residency

21st Dec 2015 – 21st June 2016


as part of The Wealden Literary Festival 2016

set in a beautiful old barn, this show celebrated the death of the winter through the recording of dead skeletal plants and the alignment of string to the winter meridian sunlight angle, in the middle of the summer.

I gave a talk about my work.


click link to watch the film featuring me talking about my work:

Wealden Literary Festival 2016 film



It didn’t look like this, it looked like a perfectly spherical orange satsuma floating in a petrol blue sky.

At 3.30am, then I went to bed!

(no editing, no tripod!)

photography of the moon

September 27, 2015

moon long



moon and cloud 1






moon and cloud 2

IMG_7378s IMG_7373s IMG_7382sequinox cyanotypes leaf 2015s equinox cyanotypes 2015s equinox cyanotypes seeds 2015s

washing hands triptychRayogram (shadow photograph) of me washing my hands in a big sink of water, re scanned and getting printed big to mount onto wood.


I found being in the forest scary, especially when sleeping there on my own, why? Fear of not seeing what’s coming IMG_5515s to get you, fear of the unknown…

I’ve become very aware of the dynamic of looking from within the light and looking out into dark and the other way round and how they feel.






charcoal drawings exploring the dynamic being in and looking out from the opposites of light and dark, white and black.




In the dark looking out, things are less frightening and actually inspire in me a sensation of spirituality and a sense of being in a religious building like a cathedral or mosque.



experimental drawings considering the graphic interpretation of out and in the light and dark



As a continued route of investigation from my artwork Emerge in the Stour Valley Arts exhibition in Ashford (see below), I took a white ‘plaster of Paris cube into the forest and took photographs of it in different forest environments and using the composing mechanism of photography as a tool for exploring contrast.

This process has opened up questions into the use of the phenomena of contrast: the logical, pure, sterile, human shape of the white cube and the connotations associated with it, in relation to the seemingly chaotic and rich, fertile forest environment.


This action seems to feel like I’m investigating my own relationship with the forest; the cube represents me, trying to position and immerse myself…



Or perhaps it is a comment in response to my perception of the sensation of contemporary culture within the natural environment?




“I believe that language and imagination, far from alienating us from nature, are our most powerful and natural tools for re-engaging with it. […] Culture isn’t the opposite or contrary of nature. It’s the interface between us and the non-human world, our species’ semi-permeable membrane.” Richard Mabey, Nature Cures pp.23



Sleeping on the forest ground.



Ant kingdom and cube.




“But it was regaining that imaginative relationship with the world beyond that was my ‘nature cure’.” Richard Mabey, Nature Cure, pp.64





The white cube’s final resting place…watch this space…



6.30am on the back of the loo door…












shadows in the forest on cartridge paper








Thank you Stour Valley Arts


October 7, 2013

shower rayographrayograph of woman in shower 2012

90″ x 24″ (229 x 61cms) silver gelatin print

Development of the ‘immersion series’

film photography in the summer

September 18, 2013

motorway in summer for web sea for web motorway above for web scaffolding in augusta for web miffy for web motorway I love you for web hill for web




snow and dark

March 15, 2013

pine needles and snowsnow and cave

used for one of two of my degree show pieces; 'still life- Cecilia in the bath' 2012

‘still life- Cecilia in the bath’ 2012

Cecilia up close

inverted photogram of the shadow of my sisters’ 10 week old baby, Cecilia, in a shallow bath.


































moving image: smoke in projection series 1-4 (click to watch)

Open Mind – film for listening to

camera obscura…refined

August 8, 2011


It was a perfect day for my second camera obscura exhibition: really sunny and bright with fast-moving fluffy clouds.

The up-side-down silhouette town scape stayed still whilst the air and water, sun and universe moved around us.

Thank you to all visitors for climbing the 78 wooden stairs to see my artwork.


This is a photo (long exposure) of my shadow blocking the projection of the camera obscura in my studio. I painted the floor white where the edge of the projection lands to help the clarity of the image.


Solstice in the studio

June 21, 2011

It’s a confusing sensation. But breath-taking and beautiful.