solo art exhibition and art residency

21st Dec 2015 – 21st June 2016


as part of The Wealden Literary Festival 2016

set in a beautiful old barn, this show celebrated the death of the winter through the recording of dead skeletal plants and the alignment of string to the winter meridian sunlight angle, in the middle of the summer.

I gave a talk about my work.


click link to watch the film featuring me talking about my work:

Wealden Literary Festival 2016 film




As a continued route of investigation from my artwork Emerge in the Stour Valley Arts exhibition in Ashford (see below), I took a white ‘plaster of Paris cube into the forest and took photographs of it in different forest environments and using the composing mechanism of photography as a tool for exploring contrast.

This process has opened up questions into the use of the phenomena of contrast: the logical, pure, sterile, human shape of the white cube and the connotations associated with it, in relation to the seemingly chaotic and rich, fertile forest environment.


This action seems to feel like I’m investigating my own relationship with the forest; the cube represents me, trying to position and immerse myself…



Or perhaps it is a comment in response to my perception of the sensation of contemporary culture within the natural environment?




“I believe that language and imagination, far from alienating us from nature, are our most powerful and natural tools for re-engaging with it. […] Culture isn’t the opposite or contrary of nature. It’s the interface between us and the non-human world, our species’ semi-permeable membrane.” Richard Mabey, Nature Cures pp.23



Sleeping on the forest ground.



Ant kingdom and cube.




“But it was regaining that imaginative relationship with the world beyond that was my ‘nature cure’.” Richard Mabey, Nature Cure, pp.64





The white cube’s final resting place…watch this space…



DSC_0055s DSC_0064s DSC_0068s IMG_4451s IMG_4453s IMG_4457s

Memories of Kyoto temples gardens…

water wall 1 - ©katebeaugié2014DSC_0011s DSC_0052s DSC_0128s splash-1



equinox peace

March 22, 2014

DSC_0234 DSC_0255 Equinox-rays---detail-2---kate-beaugié-1014 DSC_0216

Gerry Kelly with speaker over water

DSC_0039                                      DSC_0028

Using the space The Art Shack; the sound artist Gerry Kelly, and two musicians; Clive Fletcher on bass and Ian Gooda on drums, came into the space and using the water pool I’d built for Project 2: camera obscura inverted (see below), reverberated the water using sound waves. A theater spot-light reflected the ripples on the water surface onto the back wall.

It is really beautiful and mesmeric in the real.

The 2 varying patterned ripples of the two instruments overlapped and combined.


October 7, 2013

shower rayographrayograph of woman in shower 2012

90″ x 24″ (229 x 61cms) silver gelatin print

Development of the ‘immersion series’

DSC_0031DSC_0026  DSC_0036using

marsh camera obscura 1 for web DSC_0019 DSC_0013 DSC_0018 DSC_0003

1 x light-proof long barn, 2 x holes

moving image: smoke in projection series 1-4 (click to watch)

camera obscura…refined

August 8, 2011


It was a perfect day for my second camera obscura exhibition: really sunny and bright with fast-moving fluffy clouds.

The up-side-down silhouette town scape stayed still whilst the air and water, sun and universe moved around us.

Thank you to all visitors for climbing the 78 wooden stairs to see my artwork.


This is a photo (long exposure) of my shadow blocking the projection of the camera obscura in my studio. I painted the floor white where the edge of the projection lands to help the clarity of the image.


Solstice in the studio

June 21, 2011

It’s a confusing sensation. But breath-taking and beautiful.

It works and is quite mesmerizing.

I have simply blacked out my studio (on Tontine street) and I drilled an 8mm hole in the wooden blackout board over the window and like a miracle I can see the street outside, right down to the bottom and I can see people walking by with red umbrellas and vans driving past, as the vibrations of them are felt throught the building, because it is now and it is absolutely real, its happening, like a film on the ceiling and the back walls, but it is also going on simutaneously outside. Amazing.

On the back wall it is also incredible, but then a seagull flies by and its makes the reality connect, slightly!

These are my first experiments. Tomorrow (the solstice), I am going in to perfect it, with 7 different hole sizes, blackout fabric from FHODS (thanks Peter Hesleden) and I am also painting the solstice part of the floor work; ‘Optimum light’. A good time to be an artist.