life painting

February 20, 2017

from monotone

breaking into colour


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A collaborative performance between myself and Dave Robinson.

An empty slide projector shined down onto the square pool of water and made a reflection of light on the wall opposite.

Vibrations made by the sound waves, combined with me “playing’ the water, made patterns of diffracted light on the wall. Dave responded to these patterns in his playing, as I responded to the sounds he was making.
















30 degrees outside

cool inside

painting white objects, so only concerned with the light and shade and form.

acrylics and oils

So much fun.




On the 18th and 19th June 2016 there will be The Wealden Literary Festival, held at Boldshaves garden, near Woodchurch, Kent.

I am presently working in the grounds of Boldshaves and a beautiful barn developing new work, in response to the nature of the place. I will be exhibition this and other work on the theme of nature and place during the weekend festival.

It didn’t look like this, it looked like a perfectly spherical orange satsuma floating in a petrol blue sky.

At 3.30am, then I went to bed!

(no editing, no tripod!)

IMG_7378s IMG_7373s IMG_7382sequinox cyanotypes leaf 2015s equinox cyanotypes 2015s equinox cyanotypes seeds 2015s










washing hands triptychRayogram (shadow photograph) of me washing my hands in a big sink of water, re scanned and getting printed big to mount onto wood.

water wall 1 - ©katebeaugié2014DSC_0011s DSC_0052s DSC_0128s splash-1



Gerry Kelly with speaker over water

DSC_0039                                      DSC_0028

Using the space The Art Shack; the sound artist Gerry Kelly, and two musicians; Clive Fletcher on bass and Ian Gooda on drums, came into the space and using the water pool I’d built for Project 2: camera obscura inverted (see below), reverberated the water using sound waves. A theater spot-light reflected the ripples on the water surface onto the back wall.

It is really beautiful and mesmeric in the real.

The 2 varying patterned ripples of the two instruments overlapped and combined.

film photography in the summer

September 18, 2013

motorway in summer for web sea for web motorway above for web scaffolding in augusta for web miffy for web motorway I love you for web hill for web




DSC_0031DSC_0026  DSC_0036using

marsh camera obscura 1 for web DSC_0019 DSC_0013 DSC_0018 DSC_0003

1 x light-proof long barn, 2 x holes