Obscura, a photogram I made in 1999 in the darkroom in the basement of The Glasgow School of Art Mackintosh Building, was one of the first 2D works I made which had a phenomenological effect, rather than narrative.

Thanks to the curator and art writer Nico Kos, this work has been bought by “The Ned” for the permanent collection called VAULT 100. Curated by the Head of Collections at Soho House, Kate Bryan; the collection features 93 female and 7 male British artists; the inverse male to female ratio of the FTSE 100. The Ned hotel is due to open next week, is in the heart of the city.

The VAULT 100 collection is in the old vault of the original Barclays Bank AKA The Ned.

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My work is hung among the work of some of the best female British artists living.


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A collaborative performance between myself and Dave Robinson.

An empty slide projector shined down onto the square pool of water and made a reflection of light on the wall opposite.

Vibrations made by the sound waves, combined with me “playing’ the water, made patterns of diffracted light on the wall. Dave responded to these patterns in his playing, as I responded to the sounds he was making.


solo art exhibition and art residency

21st Dec 2015 – 21st June 2016


as part of The Wealden Literary Festival 2016

set in a beautiful old barn, this show celebrated the death of the winter through the recording of dead skeletal plants and the alignment of string to the winter meridian sunlight angle, in the middle of the summer.

I gave a talk about my work.


click link to watch the film featuring me talking about my work:

Wealden Literary Festival 2016 film



art sale at home

June 7, 2015

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Thank you so much to the 50 or so friends and family who visited and kept me in business for June and July!

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Memories of Kyoto temples gardens…

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marsh camera obscura 1 for web DSC_0019 DSC_0013 DSC_0018 DSC_0003

1 x light-proof long barn, 2 x holes