It didn’t look like this, it looked like a perfectly spherical orange satsuma floating in a petrol blue sky.

At 3.30am, then I went to bed!

(no editing, no tripod!)


photography of the moon

September 27, 2015

moon long



moon and cloud 1






moon and cloud 2

art for the art market

September 16, 2015

Immerse 3 cropped water rayograph 7.s hands in water diptych 2s flora water solstice 2013s flora water june 2 unsigned and cropped god 1 inverted





equinox blueprint 1.ssolstice drinks 2015sgrowth 2015sthank you 2015sroses.sA mixture of shadows of flora, hands and water made in the darkroom (photograms/rayographs which are the monotone images) and shadows of flowers, glasses and perspex, made by exposing the coated paper to the sunlight, at summer solstice of at autumn equinox (the blue Cyanotypes, otherwise known as blueprints).

Small and large, some framed, some mounted in various ways.

Prices ranging from £25 to £500.

IMG_7378s IMG_7373s IMG_7382sequinox cyanotypes leaf 2015s equinox cyanotypes 2015s equinox cyanotypes seeds 2015s