art sale at home

June 7, 2015

DSC_0162s DSC_0163s DSC_0169s DSC_0181s DSC_0217s DSC_0210s DSC_0195s DSC_0192s DSC_0207s DSC_0227s DSC_0239s DSC_0260s DSC_0267s DSC_0281s DSC_0158s DSC_0150s DSC_0132s DSC_0115s DSC_0112s DSC_0109s DSC_0023s DSC_0017s DSC_0241s DSC_0263s



Thank you so much to the 50 or so friends and family who visited and kept me in business for June and July!


6 Responses to “art sale at home”

  1. Wow, beautiful! What a lovely idea. x


  2. Lucinda said

    Lovely Keeks, looks absolutely beautiful, and some wonderful pieces too. Clever you x


  3. Siobhan Boyle said

    I love it – and so intimate xxx


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